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Lionville Car Care is a full service automobile repair and service facility. With roots dating back to 1979 in the automobile repair business, Lionville Car Care opened it's doors in May of 2000. Our goal is to provide our customers with professional and honest service.


My wife, Debbie, and I have been coming to Lionville Car Care for nearly 10 years and the proprietors, Dave and Don Phillips, have been courteous, knowledgeable, caring, and most importantly trusted partners in the upkeep of our 'fleet'.  We own two Pontiac's with near or beyond 200,000 miles, and it is solely because of Lionville Car Care's service that these vehicles are still on the road.  Additionally we had a Saturn serviced there for 6 years, and have added our daughters' VW and Nissan to the list of vehicles under their care.  In fact we used Lionville Car Care to provide an independent assessment of the Saturn when we purchased it from a local garage.  We have experienced several intermittent problems (electrical, water leaks, sensors, transmission) over the years with all of our cars, foreign and domestic.  Each of these problems has been overcome by excellent 'detective work' without great expense (like isolating a rough gear change problem to a pressure valve in the transmission instead of simply replacing the aging transmission).   Our most recent experience involved a water leak in our oldest daughter's 3 yr old VW.  The dealer had 'repaired' the leak twice under warranty, and yet it continued to dampen (sometimes even soak) the carpet after every rain storm.  After the dealer failed to find anything wrong in the latest go-back, Dave was able to isolate the problem to the sun roof drain tube partially backflowing into the car's interior as he noticed the flow out the exit portal was less than the flow of water into the top corner of the sunroof during his diagnostic test.  The leak is now repaired, the carpet replaced by the dealer (as a warranty extension).  When the dealer refused to replace trim that I had pulled to expose the damage to the carpet and dry out the floor, Lionville Car Care completed the restoration, saving me many more frustrating hours.  We highly recommend this establishment, and will be using Lionville Car Care for our vehicle needs for many years to come.

Jeffrey Shupp Downingtown, PA

Lionville Car Car has been our auto repair center for over 10 years. They are coveniently located and have always been available when we needed repairs. Having three cars in our family, we appreciate their dependable service, with a quick turnaround time. The owners, Don and Dave, along with their staff are always friendly and helpful. It is a pleasure to deal with an honest, reputable auto repair center.

Brian and Janet

Lionville Car Care has provided our family with outstanding service since the day they opened. I have a 30 year relationship with the Phillips family.
I know and trust their integrity and their car wisdom. They always provide keen insights and make sure car details are resolved quickly and
cost-effectively. Thanks for jobs well done!

Bill and Laurie Diggins

West Chester PA


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